From highlighter to mascara. From concealer to eye shadow. You have everything for the perfect makeup look. And yet you are unable to look as fabulous as you might want. How is that possible?

There is a good chance that you will not use the products properly. A swipe to the left or to the right can already make a big difference. This way concealer can ensure that you look fresh and well-rested. But don’t you apply it properly? Then that causes the opposite effect. Eyeliner can lift your eyes, but if the line does not run smoothly, your eyes will appear smaller. We came across a video from Ali Andrea that shows how great the effect can be if you apply your makeup the right way.

All makeup tips at a glance

Have you watched the video and do you no longer know what the first tip was? Do not panic. We have listed all the tips for you so that you can read it again at your leisure.

# 1 Use a primer. It provides a nice, even canvas that will keep your makeup on better.

# 2 Always apply your makeup in daylight or artificial light that most closely resembles that. This way you can see whether the color of your foundation is good and whether it has a nice even cover.

# 3 Extend your foundation to your heart. If you stop at your jawline you will get a mask and that will not make anyone smarter.

# 4 Apply your concealer with a beauty blender – just like your foundation. Do not apply the concealer too close to your lower edge. Here your skin is thinnest and most fine wrinkles are formed, the concealer will only emphasize this.

# 5 The contour of your face comes very close. Do not place the product too low because this may cause your cheekbone to appear lower. Instead of applying the product to the part of your face that goes in when you suck your cheeks in, you feel where your cheekbone lies and apply it just below it. You start with your hairline. Make sure you don’t go too far to the center of your face, halfway your cheek is far enough. In addition, you also apply the product along your hairline.

# 6 Use bronzer to give your face a little more warmth. You apply it a little bit above your contouring.

# 7 Apply your blush to the convex part of your cheeks. So not – as is often done – about your bronzer and contouring.

# 8 Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. Especially very important to create natural and full eyebrows. Put them on where necessary.

# 9 Use an eyeshadow primer before applying your eye shadow. It neutralizes the color of your eyelid and ensures that your eyeshadow stays longer.

# 10 With the eye shadow you work from the outside in, so that the corner of your eye stays nice and light. This gives you an open mind. Build your eye shadow with different shades and use a different brush for each shade.

# 11 Make sure that your eyeliner is fuller on the outside and runs up. This way you give your eyes a beautiful almond shape.

# 12 Mascara emphasizes the effect of the eyeliner if you apply it well to the base of your eyelash edge with a reciprocating movement.

# 13 To make your cheekbones extra beautiful, apply a small amount of highlighter to the highest point, where the light falls on. You can also apply highlighter to the side of your forehead, nose bridge and cupid arch of your lip.

# 14 And then the lipstick. Make sure you also touch the edge of your lips to get extra full lips.

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