Straightening your hair is a tedious job, especially if you have curly hair of your own. And then we don’t even talk about how bad it is for your hair. Look at the products (read: chemicals) that you put in your hair and the heat from your hair straightener.

Years ago, before the hair straightener existed, women were already walking around with straight hair, and I do not mean that they had straight hair of their own … Okay, we admit: it is not all hair styles reserved for straight hair without hair straightener to get. But, you can get close to no heat straight hair if you have naturally curly hair.

# 1 Shampoo and conditioner

It is very important to use shampoo and conditioner for straight hair. After washing, try to squeeze out as much water as possible from your hair and apply a smoothing cream or a leave-in conditioner. Then use another smoothing serum or oil to straighten your fluffy hair.

# 2 Ultra-absorbent towel

Such a towel removes the most moisture from your hair faster and does not damage your hair. Moreover, an absorbent towel prevents fluffy hair. Don’t expect your hair to dry in no time, unfortunately that needs some time.

# 3 Brushing

Half-length to long hair that is fairly straight in itself, comb through and pull tight with your hands until it is dry. If you naturally have more curly hair, this technique gives you an undone, city-chic look that you often see on the catwalk. Love it!

# 4 Wrap and wait

You first let your hair air dry until it is towel dry. Then fix your tufts of hair with sliders tightly over your head. Do this in the evening and go to sleep with it: you wake up with beautiful straight hair without a straightener.

# 5 Jumbo rollers

For long hair you use approximately 6 jumbo rollers. Comb your towel-dried hair, spread it across the width of the jumbo rollers and wrap your hair flat over the roller. Plastic rollers work best: they give you a smoother effect.

# 6 Care products

Do you have curly hair and do you want straight hair without a straightener? You can best use anti-lint products. This makes your hair smooth and looks brighter. Think of oils, serums, mousse or a cream.

# 7 Blow dry

Do you have a luxury hair dryer with multiple heat settings? Put your hair dryer in the cold position. The cool air ensures that your hair scales close, preventing your fluffy hair. When your hair is completely dry, use a natural product, such as coconut oil, to completely counteract frizz and create straight hair without straightener.

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