They are called boxer braid and are worn by many famous women. Learn how to make them. And check best noise dampening drum rug.

The truth is that braids never go out of style. Every season they come in one or another format, almost always in delicate, feminine and bohemian looks. Recently, they’ve taken away the unmade braids, which are half disheveled. Now they come in a much more casual and practical version.

The boxer braids are two root braids that allow you to clear your face, very comfortable to exercise or wear your hair up and perfect to hide a “bad hair day”. Although their origin is more of a gym than a red carpet, there are already many famous women like Kim Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni, Katy Perry or Karlie Kloss who have been seen in their day-to-day street looks as well as at night events.

“It’s a hairstyle that holds up well all day, it’s super comfortable and now it’s in fashion with the most influential celebrities,” says hair stylist Alma Luzon, director of the Black & White hair salon in Madrid.

How to do it

To make the boxer braids, make a middle parting and divide the hair in half, starting to braid from the root to the tip, collecting and braiding the strands on the sides. This way, “we can create two, three or four strands, herringbone or a combination of several styles,” explains Luzon.

She then applies a fixative gel on the wet hair to make the braids more polished and achieve a trendy wet look. Luzon also emphasizes the need to comb and untangle the hair well to make the braiding easier and more polished.

“Braids always allow for a lot of possibilities. You can choose a well-styled hairstyle or leave loose strands to create a casual effect, decorate them with hair accessories or cover the ends with your own hair or with a bow to give it a more feminine touch,” explains Alma Luzon.

Boxer braids work best on medium or long hair with a lot of hair. “If you have little or very fine hair, you can try to add volume and length with extensions or hair thicknesses, which are available in our salon,” says the hair stylist.

As a final trick, the boxer braids also serve as a tool to get another easy hairstyle: “Sleep with the boxer braids and the next morning you will wake up with very sensual waves in your hair,” concludes Luzon.

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