The inhabitants of the Mediterranean use salt for hair care . Sea salt cleanses the scalp and removes plaque from the hair, thus refreshing the hair and unblocking the closed pores of the scalp. Rub the saline solution into the scalp, or rinse your hair with salt water. More about the countries of the world can be found here

In India, women do not like to dry their hair with a terry towel. Instead, they recommend rubbing your hair with a silk cloth to give it shine and smoothness.

 Japanese beauties use a mask with white camellia oil for their hair. This oil is applied to the hair without applying it to the hair roots. In addition, a mixture of almond oil and salt is used in Japan to moisturize hair.

A resident of France, rinse your hair with a mixture of champagne with water one by one.

In Egypt , a ginger-based hair mask is used. The recipe for the mask is as follows – 2 tbsp. l. ground ginger, 3 tbsp. l. sesame oil and the juice of half a lemon, mix everything and spread on the hair and scalp. Soak on hair for 30 minutes. In addition, Egyptians rub castor oil into the scalp. It is believed that it is from this oil that hair grows better.

In Spain, quince decoction is used for hair care. The recipe for the broth is as follows  – pour 3 quince (preferably in a peel) with two liters of water and boil. This broth is necessary to rinse the hair to give it shine and health.

Polish beauties use calendula decoction for hair health. The recipe is – half st. pour the flowers with one liter of boiling water. Let it brew for 20 minutes and rinse your head with this broth.

Residents of Greece use a decoction of wormwood for hair care. The broth recipe is as follows – pour 30 grams of wormwood (leaves, flowers) with 1 liter of water and boil. The cooled broth is rubbed into the scalp.

 In England , a honey mask is used. The recipe for the mask is as follows – a glass of honey, 2 tablespoons of  olive oil and 4 drops of rosemary oil.

 In Malaysia , to protect hair from the strong sun, they wash their hair with an infusion of licorice root.

Residents of Tahiti Hair Beauty use coconut oil that detangles and strengthens hair.

Mango seed oils and shampoos and rinses with mango extracts are popular in tropical   countries. It is believed that mango makes hair smooth, heals brittle hair, and increases hair volume.

Bulgarian beauties use rose water to rinse their hair  , which has a pleasant scent and has a soothing effect on the hair and scalp. 

Residents of China believe that bamboo extract, thanks to the silicic acid that it contains, heals split ends and protects them from strong sun and wind.

In Brazil , a mask based on cocoa butter and coconut oils is popular. This mask is believed to accelerate hair growth and shine.

Argentinean beauties add aloe juice to shampoo, and also use aloe-based hair masks.

In Mexico City , gelatin is used for hair care. The recipe for the mask is as follows – gelatin, water and apple cider vinegar.

In Jamaica, a popular cactus mask is used to rejuvenate and restore hair.

In Canada, hair is washed with cool water. Hot water is believed to be harmful to hair, weakening and damaging it.

Residents of Ireland  use rainwater to beauty their hair, which, in their opinion, gives their hair shine and health.

An infusion with  chamomile extract is used in  Scotland . The recipe is as follows – pour chamomile with water, boil, and when it cools down rinse the hair with infusion.

German girls believe that beer is good for hair, so it is customary to rinse hair in beer to restore hair.

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