This important electronic manual explains some problems related to hair care. By reading it, you will learn how hair oils work as you will recognize the importance of scalp care. In addition, you will finally understand what hair porosity is and how to treat hair of different types.

Hair treatment with oil, what is that?

Hair oil treatment is a care procedure that depends on regenerating hair and scalp with the use of natural oils. The truth is that, together, natural oils have been known for a long time, since they are used enthusiastically not only in the form of cosmetics, but also because they are highly appreciated thanks to their healing action. Especially people living in regions of Asia and South America treat the treatment of hair with oil as a ritual.

Hair oil treatment – benefits

Hair oil treatment only brings benefits. Despite the content of precious fatty acids, natural oils store many vitamins and microelements that are essential for healthy hair growth. If applied regularly, the hair treatment with oil regenerates the hair, takes care of the scalp, nourishes the hair bulbs in depth and helps say goodbye to all the problems that affect the hair. In addition, hair treatment with oil helps to coat the hair and makes it resistant to urban pollution and mechanical damage. In addition, oils are good for protecting hair from the weather and, as a consequence, stop the effect of hair photoaging. In other words, the hair treatment with oil provides a deep regeneration and a lasting effect for beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair oil: how to store the cosmetic?

Many depend on the type of oil and vitamin E content, which is considered as one of the natural preservatives. No oil likes to be exposed to sunlight, therefore, these products must be closed in dark bottles. In addition, many oils require storage in a refrigerator.

Who is hair oil treatment for?

For everyone! It doesn’t matter if your scalp and hair problems are serious or not, there is no better regeneration and protection for your hair than oil hair treatment. It is necessary to take into account that each type of hair (even healthy) requires support and nutrition, since each type of scalp needs proper care. The secret is in the correct selection of oil.

Oily hair: can it be treated with oil?

Not only can oily hair be treated with oil, but you should undergo such treatments regularly. Oily hair should be treated with oil because only this natural cosmetic will stop excessive fat production. Many oils are able to balance the production of fat and regulate the processes that take place inside the scalp. If an oil responds to the needs of the scalp, the hair is no longer too oily. The hair gains an additional volume as it becomes strong enough to rise from the roots.

How to prepare hair for hair treatment with oil?

For the procedure to be successful, the hair must be free of silicones, paraffin and other substances that can prevent an oil from entering it. This group also includes all hair styling cosmetics, such as aerosols, gels and hair mousses.

How to apply oil on hair?

It is better if an oil is applied both along the hair on the scalp. It is suggested to make divisions and apply the oil along them; Only one drop of oil is enough for each strand. In other words, putting an oil on the scalp resembles root dyeing since the procedure must be followed in the same way. When all the scalp is covered with the oil, it is worth giving a delicate message to the scalp to stimulate microcirculation and facilitate the entry of oil into the hair bulbs. In addition, the oil should be distributed evenly along the length of the hair; similar to the application of a hair mask or a hair conditioner.

Hair oil: how much should be used for hair treatment with oil?

It all depends on the length of the hair and the degree of damage. For example, the tips of dehydrated hair can be covered with more oil just to provide more intensive regeneration. However, it should be taken into account that you should not apply too much of this natural cosmetic. The optimal dose is about 5 ml, which can be compared with a tablespoon.

How long should the oil be kept in the hair?

The best thing about hair oils is the fact that they can stay in their hair for as long as one wants.

In fact, the deepest effects are generated by the treatment of the hair at night, but if you do not have time to do it, you can apply an oil for an hour or two and then rinse it with a delicate shampoo. Many women keep the oil in their hair for 15 minutes only, just before washing the hair. Basically, the oil can also be applied to the hair immediately after shampooing, without rinsing it (in this case, a scalp massage cannot be applied). In addition, hair oil is irreplaceable for daily styling: it should be applied to dry hair, starting from the middle down. Moreover, it can also be put on the hair only; It will work as a hair serum.

How often should hair oil treatment be performed?

It all depends on your preferences. If your hair is badly damaged, it is suggested to undergo treatment every two days. The good news is that the improvement of the hair condition will be noticeable even if you apply oil once a week. However, in this case, remember to massage the oil in the scalp.

What should be used to remove hair oil?

Oils do not like chemical, artificial and comedogenic substances. Not only do they prevent the action of oils, but they also distort the processes that take place in the scalp. In other words, such substances can destroy what oils have managed to repair. With this in mind, the best shampoos to remove hair oils are those that do not have SLS or SLES, parabens, artificial colors or other substances that irritate the skin. For that reason, you can opt for an organic shampoo or simply a silicate preparation designed to wash children’s hair.

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