With more than 200 shades of different colors within our ‘Color Dreams’ line, how to choose the most suitable to match our makeup? Today we give you some tricks.

To understand how we should choose the different combinations of shades, it is necessary to take into account the “science” behind color. For that, the easiest is to use the well-known color circle:

On the one hand, we have the colors called primary (red, yellow and blue according to the RYB system) from which all the others are obtained. Thus, the three secondary colors (orange, green and purple) are the result of mixing two primaries in equal parts. While tertiary colors are obtained by mixing a primary color with one of its secondary colors, with six resulting tones.

In addition, we call complementary colors to those tones that are faced in the chromatic circle; for example, green and red or orange and blue.

Color harmony

Taking into account the relationship between the different shades, it is easier to achieve a pleasing combination of colors, although it will also depend on the style we are looking for.

Thus, complementary colors enhance each other, so when combined the result will be a very vibrant and intense appearance. If we look for an effect in which there is not so much contrast, instead of immediately opposite tone, we will use one or two of the adjacent colors.

For example, instead of resorting to green next to red, we could use a greenish blue, yellowish green or both.

In the case of the harmony of analogs, we will choose similar color variations, that is, the closest nuances in the chromatic circle. These are simple but elegant combinations, and they are very frequent in nature. Blue, violet and purple, orange, ocher and yellow …

Another very common option to combine colors is monochromatic. In this case we will use the same color tone for our makeup, although playing with pale and dark shades, that is, with intensity.

With this guideline and the entire range of enamels that you will find in Nails Factory, you have countless options to get the combination of makeup you need on each occasion.

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