The winter season arrives and with it, the usual drop in temperatures. Our hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body during this time, and also the skin in this area is thinner, so it is easier to be damaged; It is imperative that we pay attention to them. Below you will find 7 tips from the Nails Factory experts for your care. Use hot air brush for cool styling. 

Sun protection

It may sound strange to worry about the sun in winter, but even if we notice it less, we cannot forget the effect of sunlight on the skin; it is convenient to use a protector, preferably applying it about 15 minutes before going outside. In Nails Factory we have Solar Spray for hands, which with its applicator is ideal to protect us from the sun.

Moisturize the skin

This is, without any doubt, the most important goal we should achieve during the winter. And the worst thing that can happen to your hands is to lose water. That’s why we should always keep them hydrated. In fact, as soon as we get up we will apply our favorite lotion (such as aloe cream and calendula from Nails Factory), an operation that will have to be repeated every time we wash our hands.

Warm water

Although a warm shower is one of the things that most appeals during the winter, it is recommended that the temperature of the water be mild. Otherwise the skin will lose moisture, since heat affects the natural layer of oils that protects it. If not, we must use more moisturizer.

Humidify the environment

Heating has the effect of dehydrating the skin more quickly. That is why it is beneficial to have a humidifier at home, although it is enough to place containers with water next to the radiators. This will help keep your hands hydrated both day and night.


The skin regenerates completely approximately every month, although dryness may delay the effect. Exfoliating our hands once a week will help us keep them in perfect condition. To achieve this, we recommend our Revitalizer, with aloe and dead sea salts.

Avoid wool

Another custom associated with winter but which it is preferable to avoid is to use woolen garments. And it is that these tissues are, in many cases, irritating to the skin; and especially annoying when we have dry hands. Cotton is the best alternative.


We strive to have our perfect hands, and we want them to look. But sometimes it is simply better not to risk harming them; having a pair of gloves always “at hand” will be the solution.

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