Do you dream of flawless party make-up but you just manage to apply your mascara properly? Do not panic. We have found 5 easy tips that will change you from rookie to true pro.

You’ve found the perfect party dress and your heels have been polished for weeks waiting for them to show their skills on the dance floor. But your party look is of course only complete when your makeup is also completely on point. Help! Because what do you do if you are not a hero with brushes? Then we are there to help you. With the tips below anyone can create a party look. Yes, even you.

Beauty tips for dummies

# 1 Contouring is a breeze. If you think about contours, then you probably think that it is not for you. Too difficult and too much hassle. But nothing is less true. That is, if you go for the stripped-down version. With an angled brush and matte bronzer you draw the number ‘3’ on your face. Start with your sleep, make an arc just below your cheekbone and then make an arc below your jaw. Make sure the lines are not too hard for the best result.

# 2 Multitasking for your mascara. Beautiful, those full eyebrows. But isn’t that a lot of work? No. You can simply use your mascara for this. Make sure that almost all mascara is removed from the brush and gently wipe it up through your eyebrows. You use it to fill your eyebrows and shape them right away. Make sure you do this with policy: hard, black eyebrows do not make anyone smarter.

# 3 Let the champa… uh, eye shadow pop. The easiest way to make a statement at every party? Eyeshadow that pops. To make your color extra intensive, first apply white eye pencil over your entire eyelid. Then apply the eyeshadow. This way your color not only appears more intense, but also stays in place better.

# 4 The perfect smokey eyes. Good news: even making smokey eyes is a breeze. You start with a black or brown eye pencil that is soft and easy to wipe out. This puts a hashtag (#) on your eyelid on the outside of your eye. Then pick up a brush and dip it in a beautiful matte brown eyeshadow and wipe the hashtag about halfway through your eyelid. Make sure all hard lines are gone and finish your look with a little eyeliner and mascara. Voila!

# 5 Get shine. Do you want to keep it as simple as possible but make a popping impression? Make sure you use highlighter in any case. Apply this in the right places: on your cheekbones, in the inner corner of your eye, under your eyebrows and on the upper edge of your lip. Finish with mascara and steal the show.

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