It is undeniable: one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life is when she is pregnant. But, because of the weight gain and physical changes that every woman presents during pregnancy, many do not know what to wear jogging stroller vs regular not only to look good but to be comfortable and avoid discomfort and diseases in their skin, legs, feet, among others.

It is not only a matter of fashion: for health and hygiene, you must know what to wear during those 9 months that separate you from the longed-for arrival of your baby. In the following article, some tips to choose the right clothes in pregnancy:

  1. The clothes you wear should preferably be made of cotton or linen. Wearing clothes made of lycra or other materials can cause skin allergies.
  2. The underwear should be the right size, according to the growth of your breasts and hips. Very small underwear should be avoided, since this favors the appearance of vaginal infections and bad odors.
  3. Do not wear girdles without your doctor’s consent. Some of them can help you carry your belly weight and are the only ones recommended in pregnancy. Ask your specialist if you can wear them and what the precise recommendations are for their purchase.
  4. Since some women have an increase in their body temperature during pregnancy, it is best to wear light-colored clothes, since they help reduce the sensation of heat.
  5. Although some women may find them old-fashioned, maternity clothes are designed according to the measures a woman adopts as her pregnancy progresses. Ask in stores in your city or in online clothing stores for maternity clothes that they have in their fashion collections.
  6. Shoes should be comfortable to avoid twisting your feet, falling or sweating. Although it is not bad to wear heels from time to time, it is best to wear semi-flat shoes (with a maximum heel of three centimeters), and with the last and size to your measure.
  7. Wearing leggings, jeans or very tight pants can favor the appearance of varicose veins and stretch marks. Avoid wearing this type of clothing during pregnancy.
  8. Try to wear the right socks and not to compress your feet and ankles. Remember that during pregnancy, your feet may also swell and if you wear very tight stockings, you will feel pain and discomfort in your feet.
  9. Prefer long skirts and dresses during pregnancy. You will feel more comfortable and free to move around.
  10. Don’t feel self-conscious about the shapes your body takes during pregnancy. On the contrary, wear them without fear: your body is witness to a magical transformation and therefore, you will look beautiful and radiant despite all the changes your body undergoes.

Pregnant women should also take care of their clothing during pregnancy, as it will provide and protect them during this sweet time. Choose the right one according to your size, weight and measurements.

What other advice could you give to a pregnant woman who doesn’t know what to wear? Tell us!

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